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HOME Cambro storage containers help you organize your kitchen to maximize space and quickly identify ingredients.Cambro storage products are the first step to serving fresh food, reducing waste and improving operational efficiency.

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Cambro Shelving:

For Use in Any Area, Wet or Dry. With the smooth polypropylene surface and no welding or crevices, Camshelving won't rust when either washed or placed in a wet or humid area. Not even salt water or sea air will corrode Camshelving. Therefore Camshelving is ideal for walk-in refrigerators and freezers as cold as -36°F (-38°C) or any wet environment. A rust-free environment is vital for a sanitary, HACCP-compliant operation. Lifetime limited warranty against rust and corrosion for traverses and stationary posts.

Strong as Steel. Posts and Traverses - the weight bearing components - are made with a steel core providing strength and durability to last. The unique engineering of the Post Connectors (top and bottom) provides exceptional cross stabilization. When built in a straight line, two shelving units share a post, yet there is no loss of weight bearing capacity.



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